BANa for kids

This next generation hydration beverage is also available in a kids version — specifically formulated with your little ones in mind. Like the adult version, BANa kids capitalizes on the hydrating properties of sodium to replenish their bodies with the fluids and electrolytes they need.

So, when life or illness takes it out of them, let BANa give it back.


take the challenge

BANa Kids bottleBANa’s unique berry flavor can catch some children off guard. They may question the taste now, but in as little as 20 minutes time you’ll both be glad you chose BANa.

Here’s some tips to improve the taste:

  • Try BANa slightly chilled or cold.
  • Mix in a drink packet like Kool-Aid.
  • Remind your little ones that compared to cough syrup, BANa tastes like candy!
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