BANa Rehydration Drink Fights Dehydration with "IV in a Bottle"



For years, Gatorade and Powerade have cornered the market when it came to rehydrating athletes. But a newcomer to the game is quickly making an impact across the country. BANa rehydration drink, created by Charleston based Dr. Benjamin Yoo, provides 4X the amount of salt that the other sports drinks have with zero calories and no sugar. It’s marketed as an “IV in a bottle” with a berry taste that is essential to runners, football players, endurance athletes and more.

“The only electrolyte you need for rehydration is salt,” Yoo says, “The normal saline is 9000Mg of salt and water. It has nothing else inside an IV bag. As a doctor we know you need salt, not magnesium or calcium to rehydrate. As a runner you lose salt and water. There are no calories or sugar—it’s all natural. We use sea salt and stevia, but the whole reason why it works so effectively is the salt. You really don’t need anything else. BANa works just as good as an IV. Once you get hydrated, the nausea and cramps go away in about 15-30 minutes.”

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