Friday Favorites: Off to DC + BANa Rehydration Giveaway

Good morning! And TGIF! As you read this I am either inflight to DC or already there. I am going there for a work event this weekend, and am looking forward to it. One thing I am not looking forward to is the weather. I love love love DC, but could do without the summer temps and humidity. My hair will not be pretty. Last time I was there I was sporting many more layers than I will be this weekend.

 Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past few weeks. Like always it has been awhile since I did a straight up Friday Favorites post.

Tiux Compression Socks

Make sure you all enter my Tiux compression sock giveaway by the end of today! Tux will pick a winner tomorrow and contact you directly. You know what I love more than wearing compression socks? Wearing compression socks and no one knowing you are compressing. I.E. Wearing compression socks under dress pants to work. You hear me?

Chorizo Fajita Fritata

This recipe pops up on the blog every so often – usually when I go home. It is such a good one that I had to share again. I made it for brunch one of the morning’s Jackie and I were home. I have to say I think this was the best one yet. Loaded it with wayyyyy more veggies. No such thing as too many veggies.

Soapbox Pomegranate Hand Soap

My mom had this hand soap when I was home and I was absolutely obsessed with the scent. So obsessed that before I even got back to my apartment from the weekend I picked up a bottle at Plum Market.

In addition to the great scents the mission behind the company is great too. For every soap purchased, Soapbox Soaps will donate one bar of soap, fresh water, or vitamin supplements to children in need. Read more about their movement here.

Trader Joe’s Pesto Gouda

Trust me – go get it. I had my mom pick a block of this up before Jackie and I came home so we could have it as an appetizer one night. I always was tempted to buy it myself to try, but knew having it in my apartment would be deadly. Lets just say it is so good I now know it would be a bad idea to purchase a block just for myself. Perfect with pretzels!

Ragnar Team Photo

Does it look like we just ran 200 miles, had little sleep, and no showers? If you missed it – you can read my Madison to Chicago Ragnar Recap (by the numbers) here.

And now for another giveaway….

BaNa Rehydration Water Giveaway

When BaNa reached out to me to try their rehydrating water I was intrigued. After trying it I am obsessed. So obsessed that I asked if I could share the product with my readers. Before getting to that let me have BaNa tell you what the product is [Source]….

BANa is a hydration beverage that naturally replenishes the body with the liquid it needs for maximum performance. Developed by Dr. Benjamin Yoo, an ER physician, BANa is modeled after saline IVs. By capitalizing on the hydrating properties of sodium*, BANa helps retain fluids that your body has lost.

When it comes to calories and sugars, smaller numbers are better. BANa is a healthy and effective way to rehydrate with zero calories and sugars per container—the lowest among competitors.

It has the same great salty taste that sport beverages have been you can tell it is not filled with artificial flavors. I look forward to this after a long run or even bring it with me to hot yoga. There really isn’t a bad time to drink it!

How do you rehydrate after an intense workout? Enter to win a pack of BaNa Rehydration beverage…


To try it out for yourself leave a comment telling me how you rehydrate after an intense workout. I will announce the winner in Monday mornings post!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

I’m linking up with HeatherKatie and Claire today for Friday Favorites.


  • What do you have planned for the weekend?
  • What is one of your favorite cities to visit frequently?
    I have three….West Palm Beach in the winter to see my grandma. DC to visit family and friends. Nashville to see live music – duh. 
  • How do you rehydrate? 


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