Fighting Dehydration Over The Holidays – How To Rehydrate

The holidays are a busy time. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be easy to forget about rehydrating—and without proper hydration your body can be left weak and aching.

BANa is a rehydration beverage that naturally replenishes the body with the liquid it needs for maximum performance. Formulated after a saline IV, BANa reinvigorates the body with vital fluids and electrolytes. Within a half hour of drinking BANa, customers begin feeling rehydrated: relieving cramps, bloating and headaches.

Below are three common causes for dehydration over the holidays. Keep reading to learn more about how BANa helps you rehydrate better and faster.


The Holiday Hangover

Going to or hosting an office party? Family get-together? Meeting old friends at the bar in your hometown? With so many opportunities to celebrate the holidays and the coming New Year, the holiday hangover is a serious threat to your hydration.

That’s because alcohol is a diuretic—it causes your body to excrete more water and sodium than usual. The catch? Water and sodium is exactly what your body needs to stay hydrated. The morning after, all the classic symptoms of dehydration set in: nausea, headache and cramps. BANa is the ideal hangover recovery drink because it allows salt and water to quickly reabsorb into your system.

While some may grab a bottle of a sports drink to cure a hangover, those drinks are also packed with sugar. BANa has zero calories and zero sugars, as well as over three times the amount of the replenishing sodium than the leading sports drinks.

Recommendation: Enjoy a BANa after a night out drinking or the morning after to help aid in rehydration after fluid loss.


“Hidden Dehydration”

When temperatures drop, it is easy to forget that physical activity still needs to be supplemented with plenty of hydration. Running in the Holiday 5K? Ski trip on the books? Any time we exert ourselves with physical exercise, we are losing the water and sodium that keeps our bodies hydrated.  BANa is formulated with electrolytes essential for the normal function of cells and organs to help you stay hydrated through any physical activity. Don’t let cooler temperatures fool you: stay hydrated even if you don’t feel overheated.

Recommendation: For optimal performance, drink BANa before, during, and after your workout.


Overeating, Under-Hydrated

The holidays are known for big meals, and sometimes it can be hard to hold back from getting seconds—and thirds. You may only get to enjoy mom’s famous meatloaf once a year, so overeating is a natural pitfall of the holiday season. Did you know that overeating could lead to dehydration? Staying properly hydrated will keep your metabolism running and help to better digest your food. The sodium found in BANa stimulates the flow of fluids through the kidneys, maintains a healthy metabolism, and aids muscle stimulation (e.g. digestion).

In addition, the mind can often play tricks on you: thirst can be confused for hunger; so hydrating before and during your meal can actually protect you from overeating.

Recommendation: Drink BANa before your big meal to keep you hydrated and help protect yourself from overeating.

To learn more about BANa, click here.

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