Fight Illness from Dehydration with BANa Rehydration Drink

With the recent rise of high intensity workout regimens such as CrossFit, hospital ERs are seeing an increased number of cases involving rhabdomyolysis. Never heard of it? Most people haven’t. It’s a critical illness involving the breakdown of muscle mass due to muscle injury, usually the result of improper exercise techniques and dehydration.

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Don't Sweat Dehydration. Rehydrate with BANa


In any season, proper hydration is critical to ensure your body can function at its best, but it’s especially important in the summer when temperatures soar. Without consuming the necessary fluids to keep your body hydrated, you could be at risk for dizziness, fatigue, weakness, mental confusion, low blood pressure and even more serious side effects of dehydration.

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Happened in Florida in 1985

“Linebacker Cliff Thrift returned to Chicago yesterday after spending the night in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Fla. Thrift suffered dehydration cramps on the team bus on the way to the airport after Sunday’s game and needed four quarts of intravenous solution. ‘I’m fine,’ he said. ‘Pump some beer in that IV and he’ll really be all right,’ quipped linebacker Otis Wilson.”

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Too Much Water Hinders Performance

In an effort to avoid heat related illnesses, organizations, like the military, and individuals, such as athletes, create schedules for themselves to determine when and how much water they should drink to stay hydrated. Sadly, this act of ignoring one’s thirst mechanism and drinking as much as possible has led to many cases of acute water intoxication, putting these individuals at risk of hyponatremia and death. When this occurs, they perform at a less than optimal standard and defeat the purpose of hydrating in the first place.

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Don't Miss the BANa Sweepstakes in Lake Shore Runner's Blog

We sent BANa to a Chicago athlete named Sara. She says,

"It has the same great salty taste that sport beverages have been you can tell it is not filled with artificial flavors. I look forward to this after a long run or even bring it with me to hot yoga. There really isn’t a bad time to drink it!"


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Locally Made Hydrating Solution to be Sold by Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie

An extra-hydrating drink developed by a local doctor will soon be sold in several supermarkets across the country.

BANa, the drink developed by local physician Benjamin Yoo of HealthFirst Rapid Care in North Charleston, was recently picked up by Jacksonville, Florida-based Bi-Lo Holdings.

The drink will be sold in all 828 of the company's stores, including Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie and Harveys.

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Charleston Hydration Drink Company Seals Deal with Grocery Store Chains

"A hydration beverage drink developed by a Charleston doctor will now be sold in more than 82,000 grocery stores throughout the Southeast, according to a news release.

Dr. Benjamin Yoo, the drink company’s CEO, developed Bana after treating athletes in the emergency room for dehydration for more than a decade." Continue readingx
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